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Aluminum Wiring and Copalum Repair

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The Safe, Affordable Way to Handle Aluminum Wiring Hazards

An estimated two million American homes were built or renovated using electrical circuits with aluminum wiring. And, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commision, “every outlet, light switch and junction box connected to such circuits is a fire waiting to happen.”
Escobar Construction LLC helps homeowners identify this risk and, when necessary, make fixes — including popular, cost-effective COPALUM repairs.
Aluminum wiring is found in many older homes, condominiums and apartments. It can expand and contract, loosening screws on switches. When this happens, the electricity carried by the wire arcs and moves back and forth, which causes switch plates to overheat and cause a fire.
Homes in older, planned communities in the Washington-Baltimore area such as Bowie, Columbia and Reston often have aluminum wiring.
Signs of aluminum wiring include:
  • Switch plates that are hot to the touch
  • Smoking receptacles
  • Blacking around wall plates and receptacles
Escobar Construction Service has been replacing aluminum wiring for decades.  Today, all of our electricians have been trained on the correct procedure for detecting and replacing hazardous wiring.
The COPALUM repair method, a popular choice for our customers, helps homeowners avoid the hassle of completely rewiring their entire house. Instead, we attach a short section of copper wire to the ends of the aluminum wire at connection points. This is called “pig-tailing.”
A quick home visit will help us determine if you have hazardous aluminum wiring.
But we’ll go the extra step, and actually look at the options available to you in order to achieve safety while reducing cost, all while ensuring a safe outcome.
If you have aluminum wiring, or would like to schedule a visit from an expert for an inspection, a call to Escobar Construction will save you time and money – while ensuring your home is safe.
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