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Residential Epoxy Flooring

Our team has extensive experience in residential epoxy flooring, especially epoxy garage flooring. The ideas of epoxy flooring applications at your home are endless. The one thing that you can be sure of is that you will have an impressive epoxy floor no matter where you choose to apply it. Residential epoxy flooring is more affordable than you would think; give us a call to find out how affordable.

Garage Residential Epoxy Flooring

Applying an epoxy floor to a garage, shed, or barn is one of the most popular residential epoxy flooring applications. Choose from a variety of epoxy colors or styles and watch your garage be transformed into a beautiful flooring that you’ll be proud to showcase. Match the epoxy color to your car, the walls, or even your man-cave theme! Once the epoxy coating is completed, your epoxy garage floor will have an attractive high gloss finish. The benefit of the garage epoxy coating is that your garage floor will be much easier to clean. The days of sweeping dirt out of cracks will be behind you. The seamless surface can be easily wiped clean of any dirt or debris. Additionally, your new garage epoxy flooring will be slip resistant, heat resistant, and impact resistant.

Kitchen Residential Epoxy Flooring

A residential kitchen epoxy flooring will definitely be a conversation piece with your guests. Not only will your kitchen epoxy coating look amazing, it will provide many functional benefits. First, the epoxy coating seals the floor and locks out moisture and staining. The smooth epoxy surface not only makes it incredibly easy to clean, but the added protection of the epoxy floor in your kitchen will eliminate dirt from grinding away at your tile grout. Gone are the days of sealing the tile grout, now since you have put in a durable and attractive epoxy floor in your kitchen. The fashionable residential epoxy flooring solutions designed by our team can match nearly any home decor and will last for years to come. Contact Us for a residential epoxy flooring application on your new home build or on your kitchen remodel.

Living Area Residential Epoxy Flooring

Need a nice contemporary epoxy flooring, or are your tastes more in tune with a country-style, or a traditional epoxy flooring? Our team can help you find a residential epoxy flooring that will fit perfectly into your common living areas. We find that more and more families are transitioning from traditional carpet or tile and going with an epoxy coating. Why? First, the smooth texture yet slip resistant epoxy flooring is a breeze to clean and manage. Little dirt, dust, or debris get left behind after cleaning an epoxy surface. As a result, a residential epoxy flooring works well for a home with hypo-allergenic needs. The epoxy coating also protects against spills and pet accidents! You’ll be able to stop worrying about your furniture scratching your wood floors, but rather have confidence that your investment will be protected with a beautiful and durable residential epoxy flooring. You’ll have no more traffic marks in your carpet with an epoxy coated living surface. Give us a call when you’re ready to leave your worries behind.

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