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Service Upgrades (Heavy Up) and Troubleshooting

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Service Upgrades
At Escobar Construction Service, we only use top of the line equipment. This allows us to give industry-leading warranties on our service upgrades. Escobar Construction Electric Service will completely replace your main electric panel, often consolidating sub-panels into your new panel. We will bring all grounding and bonding up to current code, and replace all necessary outside wiring tied to the main electric service, as well as the meter base. 100% of our service upgrades are inspected by the local jurisdiction so you have peace of mind that your job is up to current code.
No job is too small or large for Escobar Construction Service, whether it’s changing one switch or a complete service upgrade. Our electricians have worked in thousands of homes just like yours, and will troubleshoot and repair any electrical issue you have: receptacles with no power, switches that don’t work, flickering lights, GFCIs that are not working anymore, circuit breakers that constantly trip or do not reset at all, underground circuit tracing, exterior motion lights that don’t work anymore, and more.
We drive our “warehouse on wheels” so that we are able to make 90% of repairs on the same day, without having to go to a supply house, in order to save you time. Our residential service electricians only work in homes and are experts in this field. A uniformed, drug-tested and well-trained tech will arrive at your home ready to make any repair.
You will know before the technician gets started what the cost of the repair or diagnosis will be up front and in writing.
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